Sedum caespitosum (Crassulaceae) naturalised in New South Wales, Australia

Phillip Gerhard Kodela


The small, annual herb Sedum caespitosum (Cav.) DC. (Crassulaceae), native to the Mediterranean, was first recorded as naturalised in New South Wales in 2009 from near Orange and more recently in 2014 from near Goulbourn. In both localities it was recorded from roadside areas, often being locally common and forming dense colonies. The ability of this species to grow in challenging habitats, as seen in its natural habitats overseas, in association with occurring in roadside localities, indicates S. caespitosum has the potential to become more widespread as a roadside weed with the possibility of spreading into new regions and other habitats. A description of the species is provided as well as a key to the species of Sedum occurring in New South Wales.


Weed; Flora NSW; Sedum; Crassulaceae

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