Triunia kittredgei P.M. Olde (Proteaceae: Grevilleoideae: Roupaleae), a new name for Triunia robusta sensu D. Foreman misapplied.

Peter Maurice Olde


The name Triunia kittredgei P.M. Olde replaces Triunia robusta sensu D. Foreman (1986) following an invalid lectotypification. Triunia erythrocarpa Foreman is referred to synonymy under Triunia robusta, correctly applied. The lectotypes of T. robusta and T. montana were apparently not distributed to NSW as indicated by Sleumer (1955) and replacements are here redesignated from among the existing isolectotypes. The holotype of Triunia youngiana was not collected by Charles Moore as indicated by Moore and Mueller (1864), and Sleumer (1955) who typified the name with Moore’s collection number 4 at MEL. The evidence points to the collection Richards 4 as the holotype.


Triunia, lectotypification, key, taxonomy

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